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xtractr is a hybrid cloud application for indexing, searching, reporting, extracting and collaborating on pcaps. This enables you to rapidly identify field issues and perform network forensics and troubleshooting with just a few clicks. This lite version of xtractr can index up to 10 million packets or 1 Gbyte of pcaps.

While xtractr can be used as a standalone application, it works best with Mu Studio to convert the problematic conversation into a stateful test case.

Blog: Network Forensics in IRB: xtractr Ruby Gem

While we could list out all the cool things you could do with xtractr, we figured you can just try it out and see for yourself. xtractr is built for the cloud and is fully RESTful so you can use your browser to analyze the packets.

We indexed #4 of the Forensics Challenge (VoIP) from honeynet.org using xtractr. Can you answer the forensics questions?

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